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Countries Group 2019: Virgil van Dijk says he couldn't care less about Britain fans booing him

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Virgil van Dijk says the booing by Britain fans doesn't influence him, nor did he care about going a full season without getting spilled past. 

A splendid crusade for the 28-year-old finished on a somewhat level note, as his Netherlands side were beaten 1-0 by hosts Portugal in the Countries Alliance last.

That thrashing denoted the second progressive game where Britain fans booed Van Dijk, after Thursday's 3-1 prevail upon Gareth Southgate's side in the semi-finals. Numerous English fans went to both of Sunday's matches, and again tried boisterously booing Van Dijk.

Asked a while later, he said he scarcely takes note.

I don't generally mind, on the off chance that someone boos me or boos the group, we're attempting to win," Van Dijk said. "We realize we have a ton of help behind us at any rate and by the day's end it's us players who need to carry out the responsibility, and it doesn't influence me by any means."

Nor did the generally rehashed detail that he has not been spilled past in any match in the aggregate of the 2018-19 season. This was again put to Van Dijk after another actually fruitful game, however he was unmistakably increasingly disturbed by the reality the Dutch lost 1-0 to Goncalo Guedes' second-half objective.

"No, I advised, it was never at the forefront of my thoughts. I attempt to win, that is the main thing that is at the forefront of my thoughts."

Van Dijk was generally pleased with the advancement the Dutch side has made.

"All things considered, better believe it, clearly we needed to win, that is the primary concern. We need to keep our heads up high, recoup from the majority of this, gain from this entire experience, since we have a youthful gathering, and ensure we meet all requirements for the Euros.

"I think before this competition in the event that somebody said we would be in the last, we would beat France, Germany, Britain, at that point someone would state you're insane, so we must be glad for ourselves, we gained enormous ground as a group, all through the pitch, so we need to continue onward and ensure we meet all requirements for the Euros."